Jenn Epperson

Jenn Epperson

Softball Pitching & Fielding

Jenn was a pitcher throughout high school and college. Her last two years of college, she became a left handed utility infielder when she wasn't pitching.

Knowing what it takes to be a student athlete, she knows the mental toughness to make sure academics also comes first. After graduating college in 2008, she began coaching at Macomb Community College and Macomb Dakota until 2013.

When she stepped down from coaching teams, she has also been doing private lessons consistently for just over two decades. Working primarily with pitchers, she knows how to have every athlete excell to their best self. She has sent numerous girls to all levels of college softball, including several division one softball programs.

Jenn not only works pitching and fielding, but also works the mental aspect of the game as well.

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